Thursday, August 23, 2012

Misty eyed

Obviously I still get emotional sometimes... I'm a woman I cant help it! One of the things that KILLS ME is the fact that I'm now a "single mom" and that the kids are now from a "broken home". Brings me to tears every time I think about those two phrases. My kids deserve better! They deserve a happy family that everyone loves and respects each other, Not This!!!

I was talking to a friend about that exact thing and I was told "They have a happy family... YOU are the happy family... They don't have a broken home. They have a home, yes it may be different then some of their friends, but its still a happy home as long as YOU make sure of that..."

Seriously brought even more tears to my eyes. I pray they are happy. I know they are going through alot. They both have emotional outbursts, easy to cry, easy to fight, etc. I know this is just as painful for them as it is for me, if not more! I pray I can make them happy and feel safe.

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