Thursday, August 23, 2012


New new goals are:

1)Try to get a hang of school again. We home school through a public charter,  This year, besides all the other craziness in life, will be a difficult one. They changed some subjects on us this year so even though I've already taught first grade phonics and LA through this program, its all new! So learning that all over. And third grade LA is about to kill me! It's not that its hard but there is just a lot to it, and jumping from book to book. So anyways, I just gotta try to get a handle on that and get it down to some sort of a system.

2) Try to find the motivation to start cooking for the *family* again. I am SO blessed to still have my babies with me the majority of the time but I still feel I have lost my family and its difficult to get into cooking dinners. Especially when I feel its a lot easier and most times even cheaper to just run through drive thru for me and the kids. I used to cook large meals and he would eat alot and then take the rest for lunch. People say, "Easy, just cook less" but ugh its just not that simple. You know we all get into routines and cook the same meals and know how much to make, etc etc. I just don't have my heart into it anymore. Almost like I should have a dinner guest every night! lol If only I could afford that I would! I love having people over!!

3) Find something to do for ME! Hahaha this is kinda funny! I never really do anything for me. I'm a people pleaser and I like making others happy and doing things for others. Period. My family always came #1 to me. No question about that. Even back when I was able to scrap all the time. That was my ME time, but even that was for the kids. My mom passed when I was 20 and didn't have any scrapbooks and didn't have many pictures of her. I vowed to never leave my children without some sort of legacy. So yea.... I don't know how or what but I really hope to start finding time to something for ME! What? What is it I should do? Id like to go to the gym and get my body back into shape, but with the kids all the time I cant afford my membership and the childcare. Scrapbooking is kinda out for now because I'm not happy with life right now and its difficult to scrap when I'm not happy, and going back to older pictures to scrap wont happen either because it would hit me a bit too emotional, oh yea and the pictures are kinda unavailable at the moment because he put them on an external hard drive and now unable to get them. Ugh...

That's it for now.

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